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Through my life experiences as a growing person, warm wife, fun mother of three, practitioner of Aikido, Spirit-led person and in utilizing meditation and hypnotherapy, one offering I bring is the conviction that we all have or can have a healing connection to the ‘Light within’ and that when we are Centered, this Light shines through and helps us on our journey. When I was a child, I had the joyous and wonder-filled experience of for-a-moment feeling connected to all beings in a glowing, bright Light that we are all part of. This is just one experience. You may have had a similar one, or something entirely different yet it took you to a similar place. You may experience this as your unconscious, your Life-passion, your “higher self,” Light, God, Spirit, the miracle of the physical universe, or even as  Love, Truth, or Peace. It is my experience that it is not so important the names we use for this experience of listening to our center, but only that we do it. There are many paths to this experience; together we can help you find your path.

Training and Background

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology  from Long Island University/CW Post
     - Concentration in Family Violence

Training in Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy from direct students of Dr. Erickson, such as: J. Zeig, S. Gilligan, C. Hicks, S. Lankton and B. Erickson

Military Psychologist for 4 years

Psychology Practice in Munich, Germany – acculturation issues, speak German

Former Adjunct Professor at Texas A & M

Other specialties include: CBT, Gestalt, Eastern Mindfulness practices, Self-Relations, Psychodynamic, Karen Horney and Existential therapies