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A good therapist is compassionate, warm, caring and committed to truly seeing and respecting each individual as a unique person and honoring their individual journey and the wisdom they bring to it. Good therapy is a collaboration. Utilizing a mind-body-spirit focus on wellness, what I bring to the work is over 10 years experience as a therapist, a Psy.D. from Long Island University, extensive training in numerous different therapeutic approaches (such as Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, research-based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic - Horney, Existential and Gestalt therapies) in numerous settings (hospitals, research teams, the army, battered women’s shelter, private practice, university). What you bring is your well-spring of wisdom which lives in your unconscious/deepest self and your life experience – no one else has your experience being you! Together we work at your pace and comfort level to find dependable solutions to bring more joy, peace and love to your life!

 Our work may focus and flow in many different ways. We may examine the connections between the past and present. We may concentrate on the present where an inner-critic places impossible demands on an imaginary-perfect-self and can be overcome with love and support of the real-self. The heart of the work we do together may be honoring previously hidden pain, shame, anger or fear…which transforms into strength and beauty as we embrace it closely - trusting the deep answers that will arise spontaneously from within. 

As I listen intently to you, I will help you to hear your deepest voice, to love who you really are, and to make new choices and/or honor your existing choices.  As we work, I will share my observations, understandings and ideas. Through it all, I will be honored to be very much present with you on your courageous journey. We will likely find hope, laughter, creativity and joy as you work through the real problems with all the real feelings you experience .