Light in the Center - Maria C S Gabelberger Psy.D



    In my experience, inside every person there is a psychological Center like a  ‘Light’ leading us to love, wellness, healing, joy and growth.   In a deep place in each of us, it is always present, though sometimes hidden or hiding. Known by many different names and through many different senses  - center, core, soul,  real-self, heart or unconscious,  it is wise and kind and delights to do no harm, and intends only good.  There is a longing to connect to this profound potential, goodness and love within oneself, within others and in all.  We all deserve to be loved like the sunflower is loved by the sun.

When we connect to our center of self, and honor all our experiences as having something to teach us - pain, joy, emptiness, resource-fullness...  we awaken to the movement or change to lead us forward on our psychological, physical and spiritual journey.  In our work together, I encourage individuals to Accept Themselves as they are right now –  utilizing the ‘problem’ and ‘symptom’ as the way toward the solution…To find and Connect to their Center or deepest-self… and then to allow their own unique and special Changes, Transformations, Enlightenment and Movement to arise out of this center.

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